3 Ways You Can Deal With Supply Chain Material Shortages

Unclut Lumber

Toronto-based contractors are making the most of the recent scarcity of material. Labour and material shortage.  Ever-increasing prices.  Making changes on renovation projects to keep up with market conditions is a critical element in ensuring you get the renovation that you desire. Here are three ways your contractor or interior designer sticks to the plan. […]

What is a Site Manager and Why Do I Need One?

Why it pays to hire a Site Manager and why they are important to a successful renovation. Most job sites are run by a General Contractor (GC), whether it be new build construction, a complete home renovation, or a house and condo flip. The GC organises all of the tradespeople, schedules the work, and orders […]

Can Renovation Improve Your Mental Health?

Mental Health written in san serif font on a scrabble pieces. There is a small branch with green leaves in the top right corner.

With May featuring Mental Health Week, Focus Construction wanted to know if renovating your home could actually improve your mental health.  Looking deeper, we learned that it certainly could. How? By following the tips below to create a functional home, making it easier to live in. Sunlight Renovating your home to increase the amount of […]