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With 15+ years of expertise in high-end home transformations, our skilled artisans and tradespeople ensure your renovation project is a seamless blend of sophistication and precision from start to finish.


Your renovation dreams are our blueprint. Our team, specializing in custom-tailored builds, transforms your vision into reality with support and guidance. As Toronto’s top luxury home remodelers, we craft spaces that uniquely reflect you.


You can expect crystal-clear communication and transparent pricing for your renovation project. Enjoy confidence and the highest standard of service as your trusted partner for worry-free renovations and builds in Toronto and the GTA.

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In the heart of Toronto, where every home has a story, our mission is to add an extraordinary chapter to yours. Our expertise in luxury home renovations, combined with a transparent, ethical approach to communication and pricing, positions us as more than just contractors; we are your partners in bringing your vision to life.

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Dive into our work of home renovation projects in Toronto and its surroundings. From kitchen upgrades to luxurious bathroom overhauls and bedroom transformations, each project meets our commitment to craftsmanship, innovative design, and timeless elegance. Discover how we redefine luxury living, transforming ordinary spaces into remarkable havens of style and comfort.


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We uphold the highest standards of industry compliance to ensure peace of mind for our clients. Our team is fully licensed and insured, adhering to all regulatory requirements and safety protocols.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We love creating beautiful, functional, livable space for people and their families. We specialize in home additions, major home renovations, and new builds in the greater Toronto area. Your project is as unique as you are, so we begin each project with a complimentary no obligation consultation. Book yours today.

Of course! We have a network of reputable and talented interior designers and architects to refer you to. They can help you define and create the space you’ve always been dreaming of. Once their designs are complete, we come in to take the job to the finish line by making your dream a reality.

Absolutely! We love our clients – and they love us back. We have a long list of very happy clients who would be pleased to share their experience with us. Just let us know you’d like references during your consultation and we’ll connect you.

Yes, Focus Construction is fully licensed and insured. All of our tradespeople are licensed, independently insured, and are registered with WSIB.

In each quote we include a fully transparent breakdown of labour, materials, management fees, and waste disposal. We value honesty and won’t underbid just to get the job. We set realistic quotes and ensure that our clients understand each aspect of their project.

We never want you to be in the dark about what your project costs, so you can follow this transparency through the entire renovation or build with access to project financials.

We absolutely do. We believe that building codes are just the starting point, not the end goal. That means we build every project to the highest quality. We never cut corners or underbid just to get a job. As a result, we are happy to provide a one year warranty that covers code health and safety violations, water penetration, defects in the electrical, plumbing or heating systems, defects in exterior cladding, and major structural defects.

Permits are required for any renovations that involve adding or moving plumbing or changing any structural components, such as moving a wall or putting in a window. 

While some people elect not to get permits, this puts them at risk of receiving a city issued stop work order. This has the effect of delaying a renovation until permits are obtained, which is why Focus Construction will never move forward on a project that requires permits without them. We’re here to help you navigate the permit process, so you’re not left in the dark about what to do and when.

Yes, you definitely will. If your home design doesn’t strictly meet local building by-laws, you may need to apply for a minor variance in order to be granted a building permit. We are here to provide the assistance and expertise to get your permit or minor variances approved.

How long it might take to get your permits depends on the scope and type of your project. Simple changes can have permits approved in as little as two weeks or as long as a few months. Minor variances are more complex and can take more than four months months. Ultimately, how long your persmits take will depend on which city building department you are working with and how complicated the work is.

This is a personal decision that depends on a number of factors. When deciding whether to renovate, teardown and rebuild, or move to a new home, you will need to consider your family situation, your current lifestyle, your desired timeline, and of course, your finances and budget. 

For example, if you have a home with a rental unit on the top floor and you have a growing family, you may want to renovate the basement and the top floor to create new bedrooms and family spaces to spend time in. 

Alternatively, if you love your current neighbourhood and your home would require major renovations to every floor to truly make your dreams come true, you may want to consider tearing down the existing house and rebuilding to your exact specifications.

If you’re not tied to your current neighbourhood because of schools or activities and you would rather have something that’s move-in-ready than going through the process of a renovation or new build, then moving might be for you.

We are happy to discuss the options with you and provide a quote for a renovation that meets your wants, needs, and dreams. Book a complimentary consultation today to begin the quote process.

The best time of year to renovate or build is the one that meets your timelines and schedule (and the timelines and schedule of your contractor). Of course, there are weather considerations for exterior work, such as weather-proofing and roofing, but most interior work can be accomplished all year round. Work with your contractor to find the right timeline for you and your family.

As a general rule, investing money into renovations and finishes in your kitchen and bathrooms will provide the highest return. It’s important to remember that your renovation doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and the resale price of your home depends on the age and condition of your home overall and the local market conditions at the time you decide to sell. Our real estate broker consultant, Hillary Lane, is available to help you make important decisions on where to invest in your home for increased value and selling.

The scope of your renovation will be the biggest factor in this decision, but we generally recommend finding alternate housing during major renovations. It is very stressful to live in a construction zone for any period of time and extended timelines can greatly impact your family’s peace of mind. It can also significantly impact the length of the renovation and increase the budget.

We are happy to accommodate the living situation that works best for you and can be flexible in meeting your needs.

We understand it’s important for you to maintain a good relationship with your neighbours during the renovation or building process. We always strive to minimize the disturbance to you and your neighbours by respecting by-law working hours and keeping the site clean. We are happy to speak to your neighbours directly about their concerns at any time.