Are Your Home Vents Working?

Recent concerns about emissions from gas stoves puts the focus on venting, and don’t forget about that bathroom fan, it’s important, too!

You fire up your gas stove to get dinner started. You love your stove because of the great cook that it gives to your food. But firing up that gas stove means that nitrogen dioxide will be released into your home. But, no problem, you’ve got a venting fan that will remove most of the gases. 

Or will it? 

How do you know if your venting fan is doing its job? And what about your other fans? Here are three areas where you’ll want to test your venting:

  1. Kitchen
  2. Bathrooms
  3. Fireplaces


A cooktop fan usually sits 24 to 30 inches above the stove, and serves to exhaust smoke, gasses, smells, and steam from cooking. But how do you know if your fan is doing its job, and moving air out effectively?

Try this: Take a piece of paper and hold it parallel to the fan. Turn the fan on. If the paper sucks and sticks to the fan, then it is working well. 

Another way to check is to go outside to where the fan exhausts. Can you feel air pressure exiting the vent? 

If the answer is no to either of those tests, then it’s time to upgrade the venting in your kitchen.

Stove Venting


Most people think that venting fans in the bathroom are to help remove smells. But they’re installed for a more important reason: to remove moisture. 

Moisture buildup in the bathroom is a problem waiting to happen. Long, hot showers or baths release steam and moisture into the air. If that moisture is not vented, then it will accumulate on walls, tiles, and in dark corners. If this isn’t addressed, then mould will breed and accumulate, resulting in damage and costly renovations to clear out this dangerous fungal growth.

Run the same tests as with the kitchen venting to check on the strength and effectiveness of your bathroom fans. 

bathroom venting


If you have a gas fireplace, it’s important to ensure that it is venting to the outside. Have it serviced to verify that all fumes are not seeping into your home. 

If you only have a wood-burning fireplace, you’ll want to check it, too. Have an expert chimney sweeper ensure that your chimney is not clogged with buildup, preventing all smoke and soot from leaving your home. 

Fireplace with venting

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