Reno Refresh Required Before the Holidays?

How a bathroom renovation can get you ready for your guests

With the holidays coming, you might be decorating and sprucing up your house in anticipation of hosting a party or two. It could also be your turn to welcome the extended family for holiday celebrations. 

Whatever the case, you might have noticed that your home is in need of a reno, or in the least, a refresh. 

The most common room in need of a reno refresh? 

The Bathroom

Whenever you have visitors, the bathroom is going to be used more. With higher traffic meaning that more people are going to see the state of your bathroom, be sure that it in good shape before the guests arrive.

Whether that’s a rarely used full bathroom on the lower floor, or a half-bath in the basement, you’ll want it to be functional and better than just presentable. Take a look at some of our work here to see what your space could be with a little work by Focus Construction. 


While time is getting tight, Focus Construction can still help you with these bathroom renos or refreshes in time for the holidays:

  1. Tile
  2. Flooring
  3. Shower and features
  4. Countertops


Are the tiles in your shower chipped, tired, or just in need of an update? What about the backsplash? We can replace your existing tile with a stylish, long-lasting substitute that will brighten up the shower space and add a touch of luxury.


If you’ve had your bathroom flooring for a while, the grout may be chipping, or the tile colour may be fading. Or perhaps you’d like to install heated flooring for those late-night winter visits to the bathroom. Either way, Focus Construction can brighten your bathroom and add some elegance.

Shower and features

The upcoming holiday season may serve as the excuse that you needed to redesign your shower and expand it. Or perhaps you’d like a second shower head, a seat, or a better ventilation system. 


Is your granite stained by watermarks? Is there mould around your faucet? Are your vanity and cupboards in need of a refresh? We know what will work best in your space and what materials will make your bathroom pop. We’ll also ensure that it’s a stylish and durable bathroom refresh. 

For other ideas on what you might be looking for, take a look at some of our past work to see what you’d like to do with your bathroom renovation.

Whether it’s a bathroom refresh or a bathroom renovation, Focus Construction can help get you ready in time for the holidays. Contact us today to find out!