Selling Your Fixer-Upper? Maximize Your Return

Have a renovation expert collaborate on your marketing package before you sell

There’s nothing wrong with selling your property when it needs some renovations and care. What you don’t want to do is scare away potential buyers.

While renovations can be a lot to process in addition to buying a home, there are ways to position your fixer-upper as a hidden gem that just needs a little work.

Sounds good, right? Now how do you get there?

What you have to do is enhance your marketing package so that potential buyers can envision their dream home.

And one of the best ways to do this is to hire an expert who knows home renovations and how to build customised, desirable houses.

And that expert is Tim Maile from Focus Construction.

Expert Consultation

Tim can provide expert advice and guidance for home renovations and any new construction that might be needed. So, if you’re looking to augment your marketing, here is how Tim and Focus Construction’s Consultation Package can assist you:

  • A digital and hard copy to promote your listing and maximize sale value
  • Three tiers of options for remodelling that will accommodate various budgets and variations in renovation scope.

This $300 package will not only help separate your listing from others, it will provide you with renovation ideas and green technology recommendations that have been developed by an expert.

It’s also a transparent method to help potential buyers visualize what the property could be, as well as giving them an idea of the renovation budget they’ll need, and options that they can consider.

Contact Focus

Looking to sell your fixer-upper? Put yourself in the best position and reach out to us for a consultation and for your own customised package. We’d be happy to help you sell your property and improve the return on your home. We can also show you our transparent process for any work that we do.

Download our renovation consultation brochure and let us help you increase the ROI of your home ahead of the sale.

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