How To Renovate For A Growing Family

Do you really need to move? Focus Construction has an answer

Do you love your house, but not certain that it is big enough for your growing family? Don’t worry, because there are options! 

Renovations and/or additions are viable alternatives if you do not want to or are unable to uproot your family and move to a bigger residence. 

Focus Construction specializes in renovations and can evaluate your home and determine the best choice for you. 

So, what are your options? 

Additions to the back of the house
Adding space to the rear of your home allows you to gain family room space on the main floor and possibly even add a powder room and a play area for the kids. 

Multiple Stories
If the addition involves building another story, then the 2nd floor can either make the master bedroom bigger and better, or you could add an ensuite or an additional bedroom instead.

If you are planning an addition, it makes financial sense to extend the basement as well. Since you will already have to make a foundation to support the addition, make the best of it and create more space in the basement too. 

The basement can also be converted into an apartment to help pay the mortgage, or it can be turned into an entertainment room for the entire family. There are just so many possibilities in this area!

Walkout Basement
Why not make your basement a walkout? Have your basement dug out so that it has at least eight-foot ceilings, additional windows and a walkout entrance.

These features will brighten-up the basement, make it a more desirable place to spend time, increase usage, and add another livable section to your home. 

2nd or 3rd Story additions
Adding another story to your house may be expensive, but it is significantly cheaper than buying a larger house in a comparable neighbourhood. 

Additional levels on your home are a great way to create more space and turn it into your forever home. This renovation also increases your choices, such as adding a green roof to reduce your energy bill and help reduce your carbon footprint.

Remember you do not have to move out of a home that you and your family love just because you’re running out of space. These options may sound daunting to you, but they are achievable and Focus Construction’s area of expertise. 


Trust the experts and you can have what you’ve been dreaming about without the additional hassle of moving and without leaving your home and neighbourhood.