Is it time to future proof your garage?

Think about a few of these things first

While you won’t have to get rid of your combustion vehicle any time soon, the onset of the electric vehicle era is here. 

So how does this transition of modern transportation affect the homeowner? 

Because it’ll not only be more convenient to charge your electric vehicle at home, it’ll also likely be the cheapest place to charge.

Step One 

The first step is to install a 240 Volt power outlet in your garage. This will allow you the ability to eventually upgrade and install a Level 2 EV charging station. With the future moving towards electric cars, you might as well get ahead of the curve and install an outlet specifically for your car.

The 240 Volt power outlet will give you about 37 kilometers of range per each hour of charging. While this is a good option for faster charging, it will cost you more money. However, if you typically leave your car in the garage to charge overnight, use the 120 Volt power outlet during those off-peak hours.

In order for your electric vehicle to charge efficiently, ensure that it is the only device on that circuit. If you need to make some adjustments or make an entirely new circuit, call a certified electrician who is familiar with the process of installing outlets for car chargers. They can also install it in the optimal location to easily power your car. 

Step Two

Also, consider installing a heated concrete pad in the garage. Since batteries are not fond of the extreme cold, why not keep your vehicle warm when it is parked? You won’t need to keep the garage too warm either, as setting the temperature to 10C will be more than warm enough.

Another option is to insulate your garage door instead. 

Step Three 

If you are contemplating buying an electric vehicle, you can also consider installing solar panels on the garage roof. This way you can utilise the sun’s energy to charge your vehicle instead of your regular power source.

Step Four

Most people have hose bibs (outdoor faucets running water from the inside to the outside) on the outside of their houses, but have you considered installing them in your garage? 

If you have a heated garage as indicated in Step Two, you would probably enjoy the ability to install a cold and hot hose bib. This will enable you to easily wash your car, and do so without strictly cold water.

Focus Construction would be happy to help you redesign your garage to accommodate the purchase of an electric vehicle. We can also update your garage’s appearance and optimize space. 

We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners update and renovate their homes to meet their changing needs. Reach out to us and we can get started!