Renovating Your Home Office

Need to Renovate Your Home Office?



With the pandemic more people are working from home, but are they getting the most out of their home office?


See what unique upgrades Focus Construction can suggest for you.

The length of the 2020 pandemic has changed the way people work, and likely for good. With both the quality of home networking solutions and VPN services improving drastically, office work has transitioned to an office inside your home. If you’re someone who is working from home and will be doing so for the foreseeable future, why not be certain that your workspace is providing you with everything that you need?


  • What changes can you make to improve your living space to accommodate working from home?


  • How can you separate your workspace from family activities and make it more conducive to working?


Focus Constructions has a few suggestions to assist you!



Soundproofing your office is a great way to start. Home Depot has products such as Sonopan Soundproofing Panels that are easy to install and reduce incoming and outgoing noise.

You can also install a new solid core door that will provide a better sound barrier. Additionally, fit the door with weather stripping for an enhanced seal and to keep out even more noise.

Further details on soundproofing can be found in our blog here.



Adding new or additional lighting is a great way to brighten up your workspace and increase the total quantity of visible light (lumens) from a light source. This will reduce eye strain whether looking at a screen, manuals or while writing, and result in increased productivity.

You can add multiple pot lights or a centre-mounted light fixture that produces a 360-degree range of light. Most modern fixtures are also LED or accept LED bulbs, which will lower your energy bill. However, not all LEDs are dimmable, so if you’re looking to use this feature, you will need not only the right bulbs, but a compatible light switch.

Looking to add more natural light? Installing windows or a skylight can enhance the lighting and eliminate the feeling of being trapped. There are many styles of windows to choose from (awning, casement, double hung, single hung), and right now, floor to ceiling windows with a small casement section is both stylish and popular.


Another great way to improve your workspace is to choose an uplifting paint colour for your home office walls. Looking to brighten up the room but maintain a clean look for those video calls? Chantilly Lace OC-65 is currently a very popular colour, and is a bright and clean white that evokes images of silk and soft linen.

If you would prefer not to paint, wallpaper is a great idea if you’re looking for more style and depth to your home office surroundings.


Hardwood Flooring can be used to add some more polish to your office, but carpet will add warmth while increasing noise insulation.


In need of some organization in your home office? Custom built cabinetry that will fit your specific space is growing in popularity during the pandemic. With most home offices being on the smaller end, standard furniture and desks are just not practical.

By installing custom cabinetry, you will be able to maximize your storage and layout so that your home office doesn’t become unorganized or present physical obstacles to your work day.

Ergonomics are also crucial to ensuring long days in your workspace don’t end up being painful. Look for desks and chairs that can be adjusted in height, and are comfortable after long hours. Ensure that your office chair also has proper back support.

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