What Is So Scary About Water Damage?

Flooding can cause damage to more than just your house

Flooding is a terrible thing for any homeowner. Not only can your belongings and home be ruined, but if the damage is not cleaned up efficiently, the consequences can lead to health issues for occupants. 

Many people also may not realize that it’s more than just floods that can cause water damage. Basements are naturally moist, so if they are not consistently dried out using a dehumidifier, mold can take up residence in your home. 

Health Hazards of Mold
Moisture is a catalyst for several health issues once mold begins to cultivate. People with allergies, asthma or other respiratory issues will notice it first through breathing difficulties, but it can affect everyone. Mold is even more dangerous for children and those with vulnerable immune systems who are more susceptible to mold’s effects.

How do you know if you have mold? Common symptoms can include eye irritation, persistent coughing, sneezing, nose bleeds, throat mucus, nausea, vomiting, rashes, chronic fatigue and ongoing headaches.

The longer that you are exposed to mold, the higher risk that you face in developing respiratory diseases and other medical issues. If you do discover mold, contact an expert at Focus Construction and begin the clean up immediately to minimize its detrimental effects.

Basements usually have tile or concrete flooring, which is good as both materials hold up well against water. However, if you have wood or carpet as your flooring and have experienced a flood, you will have to remove and replace the affected areas. In addition, all drywall that was affected must be removed as mold will develop in wet areas. 

Before replacing any flooring or drywall, the entire area must be dried out. This is best achieved through the use of industrial or specialty fans and dehumidifiers that have large capacities. These can likely be rented for a short time until your basement is completely dried out. 

Once the drying process has concluded, disinfecting the entire affected area will help prevent the mold from reappearing. There are also anti-mold sprays that can be applied to the areas to further reduce the chances of mold returning or developing. After the disinfection is completed and dried, you are now ready to start replacing any affected drywall and flooring.

Water damage can be scary and overwhelming, but if dealt with quickly, properly and with expert help like that from Focus Construction, you’ll minimize both your stress and your time!