Project Management: 4 Benefits For Home Renovation

At Focus Construction, we know project management skills help us complete renovations more efficiently. When we implement a formal project management plan for your home renovation, construction progresses more efficiently. It also increases collaboration between the various tradespeople involved in your renovation. 

Project management is essential for a contractor running a renovation plan since there are many moving parts on a site. A kitchen or basement renovation may not need every piece of a traditional project management plan, however, your renovation team will still benefit from some parts of the project management process.

What is project management for renovation projects?

Project management helps your contractor track renovation progress, organise trades, and execute on a build. On a job site, think of project management as managing the needed tasks to complete a renovation. Project management will similarly help your contractor plan out which trades need to be engaged first in order to get that work done. It also allows a contractor to stay on top of the moving parts of a renovation project to meet the projected deadline.

How can high-level project management benefit your renovation project?


Renovations can be expensive, but you may save money by hiring a contractor to oversee the build. High-level project management at Focus Construction means your project stays on budget. One of the highest costs in renovation is labour, as it is expensive to hire expert tradespeople to complete work to the highest of standards. One of the highest costs of this hiring is when a tradesperson is on the clock but unable to complete their work due to poor planning. It is these delays within poorly planned renovation projects that often cause these escalated costs.

Poorly executed renovation plans cause tradespeople to wait to start their work. And, while they are waiting to start, they are on the clock and increasing the amount charged to you. In a complex project like a kitchen renovation, you may have an electrician, a tiler, a plumber, and any number of labourers involved; as a result, poorly executed renovation plans could mean multiple tradespeople waiting to start their section of a build. Having a high-level project management system in place limits this wait time, saving you significant money in labour costs.


At Focus Construction, we pride ourselves on our ability to correctly scope a renovation project, as our proper project planning allows us to provide a detailed breakdown for our clients. First, we take the building plan and map out a timeframe for the completion of the work. Then, we map out a plan for the project to ensure that work is completed within the outlined timeframe.

As they say, time is money, so not only will a longer project cost a homeowner money, it will also mean a longer wait to enjoy the fruits of all of that labour. For a kitchen renovation, this could mean not having access to a place to cook or sit to have a meal. No one wants to eat on a construction site.

On-Site Problem Solving

No renovation goes according to plan 100% of the time. There are always minor issues that arise. This may be something as simple as a missing washer for a fridge installation during a kitchen renovation, or as big as repairing the foundation on a basement renovation. Having a contractor to oversee your renovation allows the projects to proceed with minimal interruption. In their role as project manager, a contractor can provide creative solutions and establish time frames to expedite most problems that present themselves during a renovation.

Guaranteed Expertise

At Focus Construction, we understand that implementing a high-level project management style of planning produces the seamless coordination of each project element. A contractor who initiated a project management system tends to work with highly-skilled tradespeople who are masters of their craft. Suppose a tradesperson has provided a timetable for the completion of the job; in that case, we utilise project management best practices to stay on top of the work being completed, ensuring it is executed with the highest standards.

There will be no contractor horror stories, missed deadlines, mysterious new charges, or something being done without your approval. When we set a date, we stick to it and, if situations arise, we keep a constant flow of communication between you and our team to quickly alleviate any issues. Attention to detail is vital to us, so no element is ever missed. And, we are hands-on throughout the entire project.

Can you really put a price tag on a contractor sticking to their word and staying on budget?