Secret to keeping your house cool (besides running your A/C)!

What else you can do to cool your home during the hot summer months  besides turn on the air conditioner?

You have an air conditioner, but maybe it is not the most efficient. And you’re not ready to buy a replacement just yet. 

Or perhaps you’re just looking to save some additional dollars by doing a few things around the house that cut down on energy consumption and heat creation.

Or, the worst-case scenario: your air conditioner has broken down and you can’t get it fixed for a few days.

Focus Construction has put together a few ways that can help you in any of the above situations!

Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans keep the air moving throughout your house. If you have them on multiple levels, use all of them and the air will circulate nicely and prevent stale warm air. 

TIP: Set each fan to rotate counter-clockwise for the best airflow.

Exhaust fans

Those fans in your bathroom and above your stove can move hot air out of your home and send it outside. If you’re having a shower or cooking, ensure that they are running.

You can also use box fans to blow hot air out of your home, just point them outside. 

Additionally, cook using a slow cooker, Instant pot or an air fryer as each device won’t heat up your home as much as using an oven. Or, fire up the barbeque and cook outside! 


If the sun hits your house directly, then that’s the biggest source of your heat. While they’ll take some time to grow, you can add shade trees to strategic areas on your property to maximize the coverage that they can give your home. In the meantime, awnings or covered patios can also help. 

Light bulbs

Check the light bulbs in your house. If they’re not all energy efficient, they will be radiating excess heat. 

Windows and Doors

If your air conditioner is broken or not running very well, you’ll need to take other measures to keep the temperature down in your home. 

Start with the windows and doors. First, make sure that they are all closed. Second, draw your blinds and curtains so that the warm sunshine is not heating up your home. It will be dark, but you’ve got those energy efficient light bulbs now.

However, if it’s cool in the morning, that’s your time to open the windows to let the hot air out and get some fresh air into your house. As soon as it starts to warm up, however, shut the windows and draw the blinds and curtains again.

While the above tips won’t keep your house as cool as an air conditioner, they should do a better job at both keeping your house cooler, and tide you over until you can get that air conditioner fixed.

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