Do You Have Room for a Backyard Swimming Pool?

Check if a backyard swimming pool makes sense for your home.

With summer coming up quickly, it’s time to think about home renovations. And if one of the home renovations you’re thinking about is putting a home swimming pool in your backyard, Focus Construction says that you should ask yourself these questions first: 


Do you have enough room?

Your yard must first meet these guidelines:

    1. Side yard setback – There must be a minimum of 1.2 metres between where the pool is installed and the property line and/or any structure.
    2. Rear yard setback – Minimum 1.2 metres (unless it is a corner lot, and then this distance is three metres).
    3. All pools must have a fence surrounding the pool – refer to this guide and review Page 7 447-1.3 (Swimming pool enclosures) – along with the other rules listed.
    4. Your pool cannot exceed 14% of your lot area.

If your yard meets the specifications above, you can move on.


Do I want an in-ground pool or an above-ground pool?

    1. An above-ground pool is the cheaper and easier option. It’s more cost-effective because it likely won’t require the use of large machinery on your property for the installation. Welcoming an excavator onsite can be disruptive, and will result in a clean-up that you must be prepared for.
    2. If you are planning on installing a below-ground pool, you will need to make sure that an excavator has enough room to drive down the side of your home, or has an alternate route to gain access. Once you confirm that this machine can enter your backyard, you’ll need to obtain a digging approval permit from Ontario One Call. They will ensure that your yard doesn’t have any gas, electrical, phone, or other lines buried in your backyard (this is a free service). 


What are the particulars of your backyard swimming pool?

Once you have all of the above information and have determined that you have adequate room, you can focus on your home swimming pool:

  • Design
  • Size
  • Dimensions
  • Cost/budget

Once you have decided on the specifics of the home swimming pool that you want, and that your yard can accommodate, you can start your work with a pool installer. This process also requires permits and inspections, and you will have to confirm all of your setbacks through the City of Toronto, or your municipality.

If you would like more details on installing a backyard swimming pool, Toronto home renovation permits, other home renovations, or would like a free quote, Focus Construction would love to help.

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