Home Renovations Design Trends for 2022 – Part II

After releasing our Toronto home renovation trends for 2022, Focus Construction reached out to a local designer to get their professional take on what they expect to see from the Toronto home design scene in 2022.

We contacted Valerie Cardozo, Founder and Designer for Carv Projects.

Valerie Cardozo of Carv Projects

Valerie is passionate about creating impactful spatial experiences and sharing their story. She predicts that the following trends will be important for Toronto home renovations this year:


Scandinavian Design

render of a kitchen in a Scandinavian Design aesthetic

For the past decade, we have really seen the rise of Scandinavian design and aesthetic in North America. A white-washed white oak has really become the norm, but in 2022, we will start to see a shift towards warmer hues. Instead of the minimal all white everything with white-washed oak floors, we will start to see warmer and more natural tones with floors that have a mid-to-dark chocolate brown tone.


Venetian Plaster

Opalescent Venetian plaster in a Herzig-designed L.A. home. Photo: Laure Joliet

Opalescent Venetian plaster in a Herzig-designed L.A. home. Photo: Laure Joliet

In the past year or two, we’ve started to see Venetian plaster and limewash make a comeback (as we know, plastering is an old and ancient technique). This trend is here to stay in 2022. We will see more interiors welcome this ancient technique that is more textural than a flat paint, while also bringing subtle warmth, movement, and visual interest to your space.


Natural Designs

Natural design of spacious modern loft with plants and brick wall

The desire for natural and earthy design elements will continue to rise, especially when it comes to natural stones (rich marbles, travertines, and terracotta), to wood, and biophilia (the use of greenery, plants, green walls, etc.). After two years of being confined to our homes more than ever, people crave a deeper connection to nature and to bring more life to their space. Furthermore, you will also see a desire for more indoor/outdoor hybrid spaces.




Maximal Eclectic living room interior with comfortable velvet corner sofa with pillows

Although minimalism will always be a timeless design approach, we are also seeing a rise in maximalist design. After years of design trends being minimal with all white and all grey, we are seeing more people want to explore bold and eclectic styles to add colour, interest, and playfulness to their space. Maximalist design done well can be quite beautiful with the layering of textures, colours, patterns, and bold gestures.


Curves and Arches

Curves and organic shapes are here to stay, and not only in furniture. We’ve seen this design approach pick up steam over the past few years, especially with furniture (curved sofas and chairs), but we are seeing this evolve more in design, from millwork designed in curvilinear shapes, to hallways having curved archways. We will definitely continue to see curves and arches this year.

Have you started changing the design of your home? Or are you thinking about incorporating some of the above trends into an upcoming home renovation? 

In either case, Focus Construction can help you and it starts simply by contacting us for a free quote. We look forward to speaking with you soon.