Home Renovation Trends Expected in 2022

Two years of the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly changed a lot. We’ve changed how we live inside our homes, and what rooms we’re using. We’re also changing what renovations we need to ensure our homes are more liveable, better for working from home, and more environmentally friendly. Our changing needs has led to more interest in certain renovation inquiries and from that we can predict what sort of renovation trends to expect for the rest of 2022.

Owner of Focus Construction, Tim Maile says “In 2022 we’re focusing more on three main categories: 

  1. Green building – Everything from energy conservation to using non-toxic and sustainable materials, to an overall greener build.
  2. Multi-purpose rooms – Flexible spaces for home gyms, home offices, and guest rooms so these rooms can function in duality, especially when size and space are limited. 
  3. Natural light – Skylights, extensions, walk-out basements, upgrading to larger windows, and transoms are some ways we’ll look to bring more natural light into your home.”

Focus Construction has also compiled a full list of what’s trending this year, which may narrow your home renovation plans for this year!

  1. Bathroom Renovations:
    1. Spa-inspired design
      Change your bathroom design so it’s not just a functional part of your home, but also an escape and a space to recharge. Two Birds Design can assist with what works best for both your style and your space.
      Spa-inspired bathroom design. Large mirror with a double sink. Grey cabinets square lighting.
    2. Curb-less showers
      Make it easy to get in and out of the shower, reduce trip hazards, and cut down on those hard-to-reach areas when you’re cleaning.
      Renovated Bathtub in corian, Faucet and curbless shower in tiled bathroom with windows towards night city lights
    3. Heated floors
      Avoid those cold floors in the middle of the night and when you get out of a warm shower.
      Heated bathroom floors are expected to be be home renovation trends for Toronto in 2022
    4. Heated towel racks
      Wrap yourself in a warm towel with this handy addition to your bathroom.
      Dark grey Heated towel rack, an expected to be be home renovation trends for Toronto in 2022.
    5. Free-standing tubs
      Express your style with a vintage or contemporary tub.
      Large flowing porcelain Free Standing Vintage Tub with black metal base sitting in front of a large residential window in a renovated bathroom.
    6. Lighting and other statement pieces
      Upgrade your lighting fixtures to a chandelier or select other pieces to brighten your home and show off your style.
      High end bathroom with large white bathtub, a chandelier are expected to be be home renovation trends for Toronto in 2022
    7. Vanity lights
      These devices are equipped with motion sensors that turn on soft lights at night. No fumbling for a switch or blinding your eyes with the full strength of the bathroom light.
      Bathroom Counter With Vanity Lighting are expected to be be home renovation trends for Toronto in 2022
  2. Kitchen redesigns or kitchen remodels and updates.Fully finished renovation to galley kitchen with white tile backsplash and grey cabinets.
  3. Redesigning a room to convert into an office space.Modern home office interior with a big window, sofa, and desk are expected to be be home renovation trends for Toronto in 2022
  4. Finishing a basement or attic to add as a possible living space, or even convert a garage into a separate unit or rental. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog on Toronto’s new laneway housing possibilities.Finished renovation to a residential basement in Toronto by Focus Construction. Neutral walls and flooring with square inset lights
  5. New additions, rear extensions, extra stories, a guest house, or even a backyard cottage.Exterior View Of Beautiful Kitchen Extension At Night are expected to be be home renovation trends for Toronto in 2022

Have these renovation trends inspired you? Thinking about adding to your home or investing in your home through a renovation? Focus Construction can help! 

Start here by contacting us for a free quote. We look forward to speaking with you.