Kitchen Renovations Part III – Kitchen Remodel

If you missed Parts I or II of our Kitchen Renovation Blog series, which detailed ways to improve your kitchen on a smaller budget, and how to complete a kitchen overhaul, check them out here and here.

Whether you’re looking to stay in your home for a few more years or want to create the dream space for your forever home, a remodel of your kitchen is a smart investment.

What You’ll Need

  1. A thorough design plan. This is an important renovation, so do not rush it. Complete your due diligence, investigate your options for each design change and ask yourself: Is this functional? Does it fit into our space? Will it have lasting appeal?
  2. An experienced and qualified professional. They must be able to help you through a design and construction process that will be seamless, largely stress-free (sometimes you can’t predict what happens during a renovation), and maximize your return on investment.

Here’s What a Kitchen Remodel Can Do

Improve the kitchen’s functionality and enjoyment
    • Your new kitchen’s layout will fit your needs and provide not only a comfortable place to cook, but a great spot to entertain.
    • A kitchen remodel can expand your working area by allowing multiple cupboards and appliance doors to be opened at once. This can be accomplished by: 
      1. Adding storage organizers
      2. Reworking the floor plan and layout
      3. Adding an island or peninsula
      4. Putting in LED lighting under cabinets
      5. Installing a pantry for food storage
      6. Installing more efficient appliances and those appropriate to the space
      7. Increasing the size or quantity of windows to increase natural light
      8. Make your kitchen the focal point
Make your kitchen the focal point
    • In the past, kitchens were often separated from the rest of the house where people would sneak away and cook, but now they’re frequently the space where families connect. They are also more and more physically connected to other living spaces. If your current kitchen design doesn’t feature this layout, consider:
      1. Adding a walkout to easily view or access your yard
      2. Adding a breakfast nook or bar area(s) where the family can eat on the go, or do their homework
      3. Converting the space to open-concept living that will feature easy access to the dining or living rooms
Renovate to create your own style
    • Your kitchen should be a place that you want to be and enjoy spending time. Outdated kitchens reveal the age of the home and often cause their owners to cringe. A talented designer will be able to take your feedback and create an aesthetic that suits you. This means:
      1. Pleasant surroundings that reflect your personal style while being in line with industry trends. An experienced home remodelling contractor paired with a talented designer who can meet your aesthetic vision and preferences can make this happen together
      2. Possibly spending extra on a designer who can drastically increase your return on investment should you need to sell
Kitchen ideas to consider
    • A bold backsplash, featuring new shapes and colours
    • Standout counters made with quartz, porcelain, or granite
    • Stylish hood vents
    • Eye-catching and notable hardware for cabinets and drawers
    • Striking accent lighting and pendants
    • Stylish faucets
    • Custom cabinetry and storage
Boost your home’s resale value
    • Always consider your home’s resale value when you’re doing any renovation, but especially a kitchen remodel. How other potential families will enjoy the kitchen that you create will directly impact how many prospective buyers will be interested in purchasing your home
    • Statistics indicate smartly-designed kitchens are one of the top means to increase your return on investment and maximize the resale value of your home
    • The kitchen is one of the most frequented and utilized rooms in a home, so keeping it updated is crucial to long-term value and resale
Decrease your carbon footprint
    • Climate change and extreme climate events are affecting many around the world, so being conscious of your carbon footprint and minimizing the impact of your renovation on the planet is a trend that’s here to stay. Consider this when planning your kitchen renovation, and you’ll increase the size of your buyer pool
    • The easiest way to start is by updating appliances with energy-efficient models. After that, look at your specific materials and installation options to minimize that impact on the environment

It’s essential that before you begin your renovation planning, find a professional that you can trust throughout the process of your kitchen renovation. Finding this specialist will keep your kitchen remodel on budget, minimize stress, and ensure that you end up with quality products, design, and ultimately, a great experience.

For more information and what questions you should be asking to vet a potential contractor for your kitchen remodel, refer to this blog, or send me an email at