How to keep your neighbours on your side during a renovation

How to keep your neighbours on your side during a renovation
And what your contractor should be doing to help with this process

Before starting any major renovation, it is always a good idea to talk to your neighbours.

Let them know that you understand that the upcoming renovation might be an inconvenience for them, but also what you will do to make it easier on them.

With most issues between neighbours resulting from poor communication, it is paramount to choose a contractor who also has great communication skills. In fact, ask your contractor to give your neighbours their cell phone number to establish an open communication setting. This will give them the peace of mind that they can contact the contractor should any issues arise, and ensure that their concerns will be understood and validated.

Since both contractor and any of the sub-trades might interface with your neighbours, ask your contractor if they have a code of conduct for their employees and partners. It should detail that neighbours will always be treated with respect and consideration during the renovation.

Here is what your neighbours will need to know:

  • What work is being done?
  • How long will the renovation last?
  • During what hours and days of the week will the renovations be taking place?
  • What noises can be expected and how will it affect them?
  • Most renovations lead to an increase in property value, so if your home increases in value, the value of your neighbour’s home likely will as well.
    • You can ask your real estate agent if they wouldn’t mind speaking to your neighbours to convey this message in a professional manner.

Most areas in the GTA allow construction noise from Monday to Friday from 7AM – 7PM, and Saturdays from 9AM – 7PM. There is no construction noise allowed on all Sundays and statutory holidays. Confirm with your contractor that they will be adhering to these times when working on your home renovation.

Another major thing to take note of are the City By-Laws. A good contractor will follow them to the letter so that you don’t have to worry about any authorities questioning whether your upgrade or addition was permitted and up to standard.

Keeping the job site clean is also part of being courteous to your neighbours. There shouldn’t be any garbage left behind after each work day, and affected roads and sidewalks should be swept clean of debris, nails, and screws, etc. Being courteous to your neighbours and keeping the site looking clean goes a long way towards keeping them on your side.

Focus Construction prides ourselves on our communication skills and always go door-to-door to the closest neighbours to let them know what to expect in the upcoming renovation.

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