What is a Site Manager and Why Do I Need One?

Why it pays to hire a Site Manager and why they are important to a successful renovation.

Most job sites are run by a General Contractor (GC), whether it be new build construction, a complete home renovation, or a house and condo flip. The GC organises all of the tradespeople, schedules the work, and orders all of the required materials. They are in control of what’s going on at your work site. The concern is that it’s likely that they are also running several other sites at the same time. 

While this is common, it means that the General Contractor won’t have the opportunity to spend as much time on your site as needed. They won’t be there to confirm that every aspect of the work is being done properly.

This is where the Site Manager comes into play.

What is a Site Manager?

A Site Manager monitors each job on an everyday basis. They observe what is being installed and ensure that it is done to code; that it is finished in accordance with the wants and needs of the owner and/or designer; that those processes are completed without dangerous shortcuts; and contractual obligations are met.

Site Managers can also be skilled carpenters who have the ability to help out when they notice that a tradesperson needs some assistance.

A Site Manager can be extremely useful when it comes to keeping each job on budget. Site Managers ensure that any small issues are addressed before they grow into big ones, which also keeps the job on time. They make everything move more efficiently, which leads to schedule adherence and targets being achieved.

It is not uncommon for some clients to state that they don’t want to pay for an additional person such as a Site Manager. What these clients may not understand is that when your job is run efficiently, you save money. 

And having a Site Manager gives you a much greater chance of reaching that goal.

Many contractors insist that they are a “Jack of all trades”, indicating that they have to skillset to do everything themselves. This may be true, but if one person is doing everything, chances are that they aren’t experts at any one job. Because of this, these contractors will likely make mistakes that will cost you money and time.

Don’t forget the other half of that saying either: “Jack of all trades, master of none.”

This is not person that you want running your home renovation.

Most homeowners use a construction mortgage and/or rent a house during the renovation period. Hiring a Site Manager ensures a much more efficient job site, leading to a much better finished product, and keeping a mortgage/budget right where you intended and hoped.

Focus Construction ensures that your house or condo renovation has proper construction project management.

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