3 Ways You Can Deal With Supply Chain Material Shortages

Toronto-based contractors are making the most of the recent scarcity of material.

Labour and material shortage. 

Ever-increasing prices. 

Making changes on renovation projects to keep up with market conditions is a critical element in ensuring you get the renovation that you desire. Here are three ways your contractor or interior designer sticks to the plan.

  1. Keeping You in the Loop

Communication is key. Having open conversations with your renovations team about materials and price increases at the start of the project helps set expectations. Knowing about growing timelines for items or price increases will help alleviate some stress from your project.

“Homeowners have heard about the increased materials prices,” says Tim Maile, owner of Focus Constaruction in Toronto, Canada. “But it is up to the contractor to inform clients of the reality of the supply chain issues we are having and how this will affecact their reno project.”

  1. Order Materials Early

We do not know how long the supply chain disruption will continue; for this reason, it is vital to order materials as soon as possible. As a rule, your contractor or design team may want to suggest materials that are easier to source. We recommend that you order early or use storage facilities offered by suppliers for commonly requested materials. Your design team can help you decide which materials are worth waiting for to complete your project. It’s common for clients to plan their fall renovations in the spring, so ordering materials for later in the year is the norm. Work with your suppliers to ensure that the materials are ordered at the earliest possible stage in the project.

  1. Changing Contracts

Longer-term projects require specific contracts, and extensive renovations can take months to complete. Contractors have changed their contracts to align with this market condition to what is known as “labour only” contracts. Contractors cannot guarantee the price of material for the project’s life, so fluctuations in billing may occur. Having open communication with your renovation team will allow you to understand any expected costs.

Focus Construction takes pride in being honest about our prices. We provide complete breakdowns to our client on materials, labour, and the miscellaneous costs of a home renovation. If your contractor is not willing to provide you with a similar arrangement, call us. We have pre-reno planning material which may allow you to understand what you need to complete your project.