Lockdown Renovations

What has been the most common renovation during the pandemic?

Have an inside look into what homeowners have been renovating during this unprecedented time.


It’s been a difficult eight months for many of us for a host of reasons. The pandemic has provided many challenges, including an increased amount of time spent at home and working in a vastly different space than the office. Some families have chosen to upgrade or change their living space, either to improve their work environment or complete renovations that have been put off for months, or even years.

So, what are the most common renovations in the GTA during COVID-19? Focus Construction reveals the results below.

Extensions or Size Upgrades

For many homeowners during the COVID-19 crisis, their home has become too cramped and/or too loud. Being trapped inside their own homes for months on end has changed the way homeowners think about their house. Some have decided to update it to increase the size of their living space by either adding a story or an extension to the rear of their dwelling.

Some other common upgrades include:

  • Open concept main floors (fewer rooms, but more space)
  • Sound proofing between floors and rooms (see this blog for more information)
  • Increasing the size of the house to maximize space and flow
  • Finishing basements to allow children to have a place to play without disrupting those on the floors above


Kitchens have always been a great way to increase the value of your home, and the pandemic has not slowed this type of renovation.

Aesthetically, blue and green have been very popular choices for new cabinets, counters and tiles. Many people are also happy with simply updating their existing counter tops or cabinets to keep costs down while still feeling like their place is new when they walk into their kitchens.


With the limited ability to travel, shop, or visit others during the pandemic, many families have rediscovered their backyards and greenspace. More time spent outside on the property has led to a wish to update and beautify the outdoor area of the home. As a result, Focus Construction has built many new decks and patios, with pergolas also being a very popular addition.

Interested in upgrading, expanding or renovating your home to address this changed environment and working world? Focus Construction can help! We can assist in planning the best and most effective renovation that can maximize your space, improve your working area, and your inside or outside living environment for you and your family.

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