COVID-19 Lockdown Changes Construction Industry

What You Need to Know: COVID-19 Lockdown Changes Construction Industry


What has changed as of January 14th, 2021


The Ontario government has updated the list of what they consider essential construction, so if you’re thinking of renovating in the near future, you’ll want to know what you can and can’t do.

Essential Construction

Healthcare construction, long-term care construction, public transportation, mining, and school construction fall under this category and will continue as planned.

Residential Construction

The following residential projects are deemed essential and are allowed during the latest lockdown if:

  1. A footing permit has been granted for single family homes, semi-detached homes and townhouses. A footing permit allows you to form the footings, install rebar and pour the concrete to construct the base of the house on which to build the frame.
  2. The project is a condominium, mixed-use or other residential building; or
  3. The project involves renovations and new builds of residential properties, and construction work started before January 12th, 2021.

Any projects that are only in the conceptual or planning stages are on hold indefinitely.

How to Proceed

If you have been issued a building permit or have physically started any renovation before January 12th, 2021, you are allowed to continue your work if social distancing protocols are met. These rules both limit the number of people on site, and enforce mandatory PPE.

Continuing with your renovation or building may not be easy, however, as due to lockdown measures, materials will be harder to come by because of international sourcing interruptions and shortages. You can also expect to pay more for these materials, as prices have risen. Additional patience will also be required, as deliveries can be delayed, labour is hard to come by, and stores have been instructed to limit curbside pick-up.

While we don’t know how long these measures will remain in place, that doesn’t mean that you can’t plan your renovation!

NOW is the time to plan

Focus Construction recommends visiting websites such as Houzz to design a new layout for your home, and to determine what styles and aesthetics you prefer for your renovation.

We can also provide you with virtual consultations. Our experienced design team can help give you some fresh ideas and assist in planning a project that will meet or exceed your expectations.

How do you want your bathroom to look?

What does your dream kitchen look like?

Could a new patio finally complete your backyard?

Contact us at Focus Construction so that we can help your plans and dreams take hold.