What’s Behind The Wall?

You might be surprised by how much is back there

Unless you work in the construction business or are handy around the house and routinely remove drywall, you likely don’t know what is behind your walls. Focus Construction wants you to know that it is important to be aware of what is back there, because if you are getting ready to start or are in the midst of renovating a property, this knowledge will protect your investment. 

Wiring and more wiring
You have probably guessed that there is electrical wiring behind the walls. You’d be right, though you might not realize just how much there is as this wiring carries all of the electricity to outlets and switches throughout your home. In order to protect this important wiring, it is run through the centre of the studs (the wood or metal frame of the home) to protect it and prevent it from being damaged by any screws or nails that might be drilled or nailed into the drywall. 

In addition to the electrical wiring, you might also find coax and ethernet cables. These cables provide your home with cable or satellite television and internet access. 

Also behind those walls will be air vents, plumbing stacks and drains that supply the home with water. In the past, these pipes would be made with copper to transport water around the home, but now they are commonly constructed out of PEX, a cross-linked polyethylene. This change was made because PEX can be manipulated to curve around corners and other angles instead of having to solder connection pieces that can lead to leakage. 

Protecting these tubes is crucial, so Focus Construction recommends installing nail plates overtop of any area of the studs that contains plumbing behind it. This prevents any punctures from a wayward nail or screw. 

Planning for the future
If you are in the midst of renovating your home or property, it is valuable to plan ahead and envision what each room might become in the future or if you decide to sell.

An important piece of advice Focus Construction offers is to rough-in waterlines, drains and electrical during your renovation for any rooms that would work for a future laundry room, bathroom or kitchen (even if you don’t have a timeline for completion). This will be valuable, for example, if a basement apartment would work in the future.

By installing these upgrades at the time of a renovation, you will save on future demolition, wall, floor and ceiling reinstallation. Installing these rough ins now could save you a fortune in the future. 

Aesthetics Planning
A lot of contractors install boxes around duct work in the ceiling on one side of a room because they feel this is the easiest way to deal with that area. In contrast, Focus Construction goes the extra mile and installs a square. This exhibits an aesthetic choice and adds a little style to something that looks awkward and misplaced. 

Having a skilled contractor like Focus Construction on site during these important stages can dramatically improve the final look of your renovation and your home, while adding value to the property.