4 Home Renovation Custom Home Building Trends for 2022

What new features are being incorporated this year?


So far this year, we’ve outlined home renovation trends for 2022, plus what Toronto renovation designs, looks, and styles are popular in the GTA right now. 

Now Focus Construction looks at what you can expect to trend with custom design and build for 2022. This year, Toronto home renovation companies are including the following in new homes and additions:

  1. Smart Home features – Technological integration is growing.
  2. Natural light – Utilizing the sun and open floor plans.
  3. Emphasis on natural/environmental materials – Colours, tones, and materials are changing. 
  4. Home offices – The best way to incorporate a home office is to include it in the initial build.


Smart Home features

Smart Home Custom Home Trends

As technology continues to become a larger part of our lives within our homes and how we interact with our electronics, integration will continue to rise this year. Features like doorbell cameras are being installed, such as the Amazon Ring or Google Nest, to name just two of them. Each of these devices ties into your security or alarm system. The Google Nest can also control your thermostat, which allows access through your cell phone. In fact, you can control your lighting, music, and even your window blinds from your phone with this technology. 

Natural light

Natural Light Custom Home Trends

Increased sunlight is being prioritized with new builds and home renovations. This can include oversized windows, glass cabinets, French doors, sliding glass doors, and more mirrors, all within an open floor plan.


Emphasis on natural/environmental materials

Natural Material Custom Home Build

As Toronto homeowners look to establish a stronger connection with the environment, different types of natural materials are finding their way into construction. Wood, stone, quartz, earth tones, and soft colours are now replacing the dark and bolder materials from the last decade. This transition has also found its way to new bathrooms and bathroom renovations, which are being brightened to lighter colours and tones.


Home offices

Home Office Renovation

With most people accustomed to working without a commute, the home office is now crucial to many modern builds. In fact, in some cases, two offices are being built to accommodate the need for separate workplaces for both adults in the household.

If you’re considering a new custom design and home build or a home renovation this year or in the future, Focus Construction would be happy to talk to you about these and other trends. We’ll make sure that your home is exactly what you want it to be!

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