5 Tips to Plan Your Home Renovation the Right Way

Having a Plan Will Help Your Home Remodel Go Smoothly

Planning your Toronto home renovation can be an exciting time. You envision the room/area you’re planning to renovate. You visualise your home after all of the work is done. Both the room and your home look great.

But before both of these dream outcomes materialize, Focus Construction reveals five steps that you’ll need to make them a reality:

  1. Make a Detailed Plan
  2. Build a Budget
  3. Hire the Right Contractor
  4. Develop a Schedule
  5. Be Prepared

Make a Detailed Plan

At least six months to a year ahead of time, start creating a plan for your home renovation. This increases the chance that you’ll stay on track. Outline the steps that you’ll need to take, and include:

  • Must-haves, needs, and wants (components, design, and size)
  • Research your local zoning regulations. Will you need any special permits to complete the work?
  • What professionals you’ll need to complete the work

Build a Budget

The most important part of budgeting is to be realistic. Reach out to local contractors in Toronto for their best price estimates. This ensures that you won’t be surprised when you’re budgeting. Map out your budget this way:

  • Permits
  • Building materials
  • Cosmetic upgrades and finishes
  • Labour
  • Unexpected costs (about 10% of your total budget)

Hire the Right Contractor

As Focus Construction outlined here, choosing the right contractor might be the most important decision you make for your home renovation. Whether it is a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, or a complete gut and remodel, this step is central to a smooth and successful home renovation. Look for experience, certifications and licenses, insurance and, most importantly, verified references; ask people you trust for their Toronto contractor recommendations. Also, be up front about payment and agree on a schedule before any construction begins. Remember that no trustworthy contractor will force you to pay the whole amount up front.

Develop a Schedule

After the payment schedule has been sorted, it’s time to sit down with your contractor and review start dates for each section of the project(s). Remember to consider shipping time for materials; if your contractor is taking any planned time off; and lastly, how long the clean-up will take. Should you also have a target completion date in mind, it might be easier to start there and work your way backwards. Expect that surprises and unexpected delays happen, so allow for those within your schedule. And if nothing surprising occurs, you are in even better shape!

Be Prepared

Depending on the scale of your home renovation, you may have to move rooms, adjust sleeping arrangements, or organize a makeshift kitchen until the home remodelling is done. If you’re undergoing a large-scale home renovation, you might have to temporarily move while the bulk of the work is being done.

Basic Renovation Checklist

Download our basic renovation checklist for Kitchen and Bathroom remodels. We include the main items you will need to complete your remodel to help you prepare for your renovation project. The list includes all the major mod-cons and features you will need for a kitchen or bathroom renovation, with enough options to make your project fit your taste. Did we mention it was free? No signup is necessary!


Focus Can Help

Are you planning a home renovation in Toronto or the GTA? It’s time to start organizing! Focus Construction can help you with all of the above and put you and your family on the front foot. We’ll prepare you and present our transparent process for any work that we do. Contact us for a free quote!