Take Your Time With Your Kitchen Design – Part I

The kitchen is a complex room, so get your new kitchen design right the first time.

Whether you’re designing your kitchen for a new custom-built home, or you’re undergoing a kitchen renovation, Focus Construction believes it is important not to rush your decisions. After your renovation is complete, you definitely don’t want to walk into your brand new kitchen every day and think to yourself: “Why didn’t we do it this way? Or, why didn’t we install one of those?”

This is what we mean:

  1. Small appliances – Don’t forget to factor in where these will go.
  2. Countertops – Style isn’t the only aspect to consider when choosing the best material for your countertops.
  3. Cupboards – Remember how difficult it is to reach something in the back of your cupboards? Think about more pull-out cupboards that will make that challenge a thing of the past. 

Kitchen Design for Small Appliances

There are two different types of small kitchen appliances, those that you use throughout the week, and those that you use once every few weeks or less often. And even though you use some of these appliances every day, do you really want them taking up space on your countertops all of the time? Think about easy to access pull-out cupboards that can house your most commonly-used small appliances (toaster, kettle, etc.).

Appliance Garage in a modern kitchen with a microwave, a toaster and cutlery.

Now, if you’ve got more than a couple of small appliances, why not create an appliance garage? Check out these designs from Houzz. This could be a larger pull-out cupboard or even a section of a nearby pantry. This area can house both frequently and seldomly-used (but still important) appliances? 


Matching the style of the rest of your kitchen and your home décor is important, but so is durability. This heavily-used surface will have to withstand high temperatures, scraping, water, moisture, and who knows what else. There is a fine line, however, as too durable might mean losing a lot of cups, mugs, and plates to a surface that is too hard. 

Granite continues to be the most popular choice among homeowners because of its unique designs, natural composition, and inviting looks. It’s durable and resistant to heat and scratches, but does require frequent resealing to hold its design and prevent further damage. 

Quartz is gaining in popularity though, because of better durability, its resemblance to natural stone, and improved designs through technological innovation. 

What also makes quartz appealing is its ability to withstand household cleaners, stains, and bacteria. Due to these factors and because it is also resistant to heat, sealing or polishing is rarely required.

While there are other and less expensive surfaces available for your countertop, these top choices provide the most long-term value for a necessary feature that shouldn’t need replacement. 


Pull-out cupboards look like regular cupboards, they’re just more practical. While they are more expensive than standard cupboards, you’ll thank yourself for buying them when you don’t have to remove half of the cupboard’s contents to get your favourite mug, or a jar of almond butter. 

Stay tuned for Part II of this blog, which will detail a few more areas to consider when designing your new kitchen. 

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