Upscale Home Renovation Focus: Outdoor Kitchen

At Focus, we’ve detailed the many ways that you can renovate your kitchen. But, what about building another kitchen…in your back yard? 

Why an Outdoor Kitchen?

A backyard kitchen takes your hosting, cooking, and entertaining to a whole new level. It’s also growing in popularity, according to the American Institute of Architects. In a recent survey, many of the architects surveyed indicated that they expect outdoor kitchens to be one of the most popular types of home kitchen remodeling, or kitchen additions.  

The backyard kitchen trend has emerged because of a desire to increase living space. And they’re not only growing in popularity, but in their features, design, and functionality. 

The Grill

It starts here with the key to outdoor culinary success: The BBQ. 

A top-of-the-line grill now has Smart Tech features such as voice commands, temperature control, and integrated lighting so that you can grill day and night! Focus recommends the Napoleon Prestige Pro Series, which can be purchased at outlets such as family-owned Walltek. 

The Countertop

While style is important to matching the rest of your outdoor kitchen and the atmosphere that your home décor creates, the countertop will have to be resilient. Not only will the surface need to withstand the weather, it’ll need to be strong enough to handle heavy traffic by the chef, and pans, pots, and plates. 

What surfaces should you be looking for? Your best choices are exterior quartz, granite, or modern porcelain countertops. 

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

Similar to the countertop, your cabinets will also have to be durable, yet match your décor. Ensure that the cabinets and cupboards match the setup of your grill or supplement your back yard and your home’s rear exterior. You’ll need room for glassware, napkins, cutlery, and dinnerware, so ensure that you have enough room incorporated in your design. 

Other Amenities

Food isn’t the only sustenance that you’ll need to provide. Drinks and a tap will also be necessary, so installing a sink is a must. Add some side burners and perhaps even a grill on the countertop to create a full-service area. 

Outdoor Kitchen Refrigeration

Top the outdoor kitchen off and remove the need to go in and out of the house by building-in a refrigerator and an ice-making machine. Check out these models to review some options for your outdoor refrigeration needs. 

Want to Know More?

Looking for a design for your back yard that fits your space and incorporates the latest features and technology? Reach out to Focus Construction and we’ll walk you through it. We’ll also provide a free estimate!