Upscale Home Renovation Focus: Garage

How to expand liveable space in your home with an upscale garage renovation.

As we mentioned in our blog Taking Your Home to the Next Level, your garage is a great target for renovations to upscale your home. 

Now, let’s expand on this particular home renovation:

The Garage

Upscale garage renovation with Surfboar bicycles in empty garage

Turn your garage into a fashionable extension of your living space which, according to a survey, is #4 on their New Homeowner’s Most Important Features list.

But how do you renovate your garage? First, look at these areas:


The Floor

While an epoxy coating is a good first option to improve your garage, go a step beyond that with a superior floor finish that is worthy of any showroom. 

Polyaspartic Floor Coating – Better than epoxy because of superior abrasion resistance (think fewer tire marks), chemical resistance, and for maintaining its colour, it also cures in less than a day!

Additionally, this floor coating is easy to maintain and clean has a higher heat tolerance and holds its high glossy finish over a longer period of time.

What’s not to like?

The Walls

Install Slatwall panels to cover up exposed studs or any drywall that may have been scratched or scraped over the years. Also, adding some quality cabinetry with accented colours can result in a tasteful and stylish look. 



Ensuring your garage is aesthetically pleasing is great, but most importantly, it should also be functional. 

Storage is a common use for a garage, so how do you maximize that while preventing a cluttered look? 

Installing Slatwall panels is one option, but overhead racks are vital to not only providing important storage but also maintaining the garage’s main purpose as a parking space for your vehicles. 


Additional Features

Installing new and brighter lighting (inside and outside – think LED), better insulation, and even a stylish new garage door and opener can be the finishing touches to a beautiful new garage. 

Want to spend more time in your garage? Run that cable or upgrade your WIFI so that you can hang a TV and/or audio system on a garage wall. 

Overhauling your garage to improve its functionality, storage, and style will improve its appeal to you and your family. And it will act as a top selling point for the homeowners of the future. 

How much is a garage renovation? Contact us at Focus Construction, and we’ll provide you with a free quote for your garage remodel.