Home Renovations to Take Your Home to the Next Level

Look to these home renovations and upgrades to elevate your home

You love your home, but you’re looking for some changes so that it realises its potential. What minimally-intrusive home renovations can make a huge difference? What upgrades are available that’ll take your home to the next level?


Gas Fireplaces


Upgrade an existing gas fireplace or install a new one from Napoleon that features glass on both sides. It’ll open up both rooms and make the fireplace a conversation piece.



Kitchen Renovation

The best form of illumination in your home is natural light. Maximize yours by adding skylights or floor-to-ceiling windows. Look to companies like Velux for premium skylights, and Pella, Ridley, and Kolbe for premium windows.

  • Pendant Lighting – Add some elegance and artistic style to your home by upgrading your existing light fixtures with pendant lighting.


Speaker System

Install a speaker system in the ceilings and throughout your house for entertaining guests, or just to have the convenience of listening to music all day, no matter what room you’re in. Russound, and Sonos, both offer premium products with incredible sound that can take your entertaining up a notch.



Upgrade that Garage

Upgrade that Garage – Construct cabinetry, add epoxy flooring, and even hang those bicycles on the wall to clean up your garage and create an organized and sharp look.


Home Office

Home Office Renovation

Completely convert an existing space into a home office. Install cabinets, an ergonomic desk and chair(s), and add and mount a Smart TV or a large monitor for those days when the Zoom calls don’t seem to end.

  • Take your office to another level by adding soundproofing, another window for natural light, and some accent walls to achieve that office feel at home!


Outdoor Kitchen

next level home renovations outdoor kitchen

During those beautiful summer evenings, how convenient would it be to not only barbeque in your backyard, but also host the entire dinner and drinks portion of your event? No more running trays of food and drinks from the kitchen to the back deck to serve your guests because you’ve got a fully functional outdoor kitchen!

Incorporating any or all of these features and keeping minimalistic, clean looks help ensure that your home does reach the next level that you desire.

Interested in any of the above and live in the GTA? Reach out to Focus Construction for these and other Toronto home renovations, and we’ll give you a free estimate!