Take Your Time With Your Kitchen Design – Part II

In Part I of our new kitchen design blog, we reviewed where to put your small appliances, the best countertops, and cupboards. 

Part II focuses on creating spaces for things that you might not have thought about, and whether an island is a good idea for your kitchen redesign.

  1. Green Space – Do you want a designated cupboard for your recycling and compost before these items get placed in the big containers?
  2. Islands – If you want an island in your kitchen, you’ll need to decide on size and purpose.
  3. Other items – Sometimes choosing style over functionality can later lead to regrets.

Green Space

Think about what you now do with your empty plastic containers and your empty boxes of cereal. Do you usually start a pile to be dumped into the recycling bins in the garage at the end of each day? What do you do with your compost? Do you have a bin to be added to the green recycling bin or backyard compost? Wouldn’t it be easier to have designated areas or built-in bins under or near the sink that you don’t have to remove every day?

Tall, pull-out drawers that slide out and tuck away get those recyclable materials properly organized and out of sight.


An island in your kitchen can serve as a space to congregate. Or it can also be used for practical purposes, storage, or a combination of the two. There are many options, which Houzz illustrates here.

Kitchen Renovation

Some homes have even replaced their dining room tables with an island, connecting the kitchen and living room. While this results in additional space for your living room, what about those times when you want to relax and enjoy a quiet meal in a separate room? You may not always want to watch what the kids have on TV while you’re enjoying dinner after a long day.

If you are set on an island in your kitchen design, make sure that the size doesn’t hinder moving around the kitchen. It’s an active space, so be sure that you’ll have enough room for meal prep, serving, and a sink if desired.

Other items

While one handle for hot and one handle for cold might look stylish, how practical is it? Think about when you’re trying to get the right temperature when washing your hands or doing dishes. One mixing valve is a lot more user-friendly. This may seem like a small choice to make, but decisions about these features will loom large once you’re using your brand-new kitchen.

Ultimately, take your time with your kitchen design. Make a list of what you’ll be doing in the kitchen and look at functionality first, and then design. Do you want just a kitchen, or a living space and place to gather?

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