Ford’s New Housing Plan Means More Multi-Family Homes

Historic multi-family houses

Legislation Aims to Increase Toronto Housing Supply With the housing shortage in Toronto not getting any better, the Ford Government has tabled new legislation that will signal the end of zoning for single-family homes. The legislation’s aim is to increase housing supply in Toronto and select other jurisdictions. Another objective of the changes is to […]

5 Mistakes People Make When Planning Their Renovation

Avoid these mistakes and get the home renovation that you hoped for! You’re thinking about a home renovation. You’ve read Focus Construction’s five recommended steps to take during the planning stage. But, you may also be wondering, what common mistakes are made during the process? How do I avoid making them during my own home […]

Kitchen Renovation Costs


Focus Construction gives you the answers on kitchen renovation costs for the GTA. If you’ve decided to renovate your kitchen, you likely know that it’s not going to be inexpensive. However, there are ways that you can control your costs and still end up with the gorgeous new kitchen that you’ve been wanting for years. […]

How do you find a Talented and Trustworthy Contractor?

Contractor standing outside a home with tool belt in focus

Take these steps to find a trustworthy contractor before starting your next house or condo renovation. There are a lot of contractors out there, good and bad, large scale and small scale.  So how do you narrow it down to find a trustworthy contractor to protect your home renovation investment, and make an informed, educated […]

Secret to keeping your house cool (besides running your A/C)!

Heating and Air Conditioning Installation

What else you can do to cool your home during the hot summer months  besides turn on the air conditioner? You have an air conditioner, but maybe it is not the most efficient. And you’re not ready to buy a replacement just yet.  Or perhaps you’re just looking to save some additional dollars by doing […]

Project Management: 4 Benefits For Home Renovation

Project Managers are helping to design work on blueprints and collaborate on structural analyzing of project types.

At Focus Construction, we know project management skills help us complete renovations more efficiently. When we implement a formal project management plan for your home renovation, construction progresses more efficiently. It also increases collaboration between the various tradespeople involved in your renovation.  Project management is essential for a contractor running a renovation plan since there are many […]

Renovate or Relocate? Which Is Right For You?

Couple celebrating their decision to renovate

Should you renovate or relocate? Some Toronto homeowners are considering their options. It is no surprise that after the past year, we are seeing more city slickers considering what it means to live within a metropolis like Toronto. With the rising cost of living and a year of remote work, it is starting to occur […]

3 Ways You Can Deal With Supply Chain Material Shortages

Unclut Lumber

Toronto-based contractors are making the most of the recent scarcity of material. Labour and material shortage.  Ever-increasing prices.  Making changes on renovation projects to keep up with market conditions is a critical element in ensuring you get the renovation that you desire. Here are three ways your contractor or interior designer sticks to the plan. […]

What is a Site Manager and Why Do I Need One?

Why it pays to hire a Site Manager and why they are important to a successful renovation. Most job sites are run by a General Contractor (GC), whether it be new build construction, a complete home renovation, or a house and condo flip. The GC organises all of the tradespeople, schedules the work, and orders […]

How to keep your neighbours on your side during a renovation

How to keep your neighbours on your side during a renovation And what your contractor should be doing to help with this process Before starting any major renovation, it is always a good idea to talk to your neighbours. Let them know that you understand that the upcoming renovation might be an inconvenience for them, but […]