Home Renovations to Take Your Home to the Next Level

Look to these home renovations and upgrades to elevate your home You love your home, but you’re looking for some changes so that it realises its potential. What minimally-intrusive home renovations can make a huge difference? What upgrades are available that’ll take your home to the next level? Features Gas Fireplaces Upgrade an existing gas […]

What is a Laneway House?

Can a laneway house be a source of rental income for property owners? What is a Laneway House? A laneway house or suite is a self-contained residential unit located on the same lot as a detached house, semi-detached house, townhouse, or other low-rise houses.  Typically located in the back yard of one of the properties […]

Do You Have Room for a Backyard Swimming Pool?

Backyard Swimming Pool at night

Check if a backyard swimming pool makes sense for your home. With summer coming up quickly, it’s time to think about home renovations. And if one of the home renovations you’re thinking about is putting a home swimming pool in your backyard, Focus Construction says that you should ask yourself these questions first:    Do you […]

Home Renovations Design Trends for 2022 – Part II

Opalescent Venetian plaster in a Herzig-designed L.A. home. Photo: Laure Joliet

After releasing our Toronto home renovation trends for 2022, Focus Construction reached out to a local designer to get their professional take on what they expect to see from the Toronto home design scene in 2022. We contacted Valerie Cardozo, Founder and Designer for Carv Projects. Valerie is passionate about creating impactful spatial experiences and […]

Home Renovation Trends Expected in 2022

Exterior View Of Beautiful Kitchen Extension At Night

Two years of the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly changed a lot. We’ve changed how we live inside our homes, and what rooms we’re using. We’re also changing what renovations we need to ensure our homes are more liveable, better for working from home, and more environmentally friendly. Our changing needs has led to more interest […]

Kitchen Renovations Part III – Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodel

If you missed Parts I or II of our Kitchen Renovation Blog series, which detailed ways to improve your kitchen on a smaller budget, and how to complete a kitchen overhaul, check them out here and here. Whether you’re looking to stay in your home for a few more years or want to create the […]

Kitchen Renovation Part II – The Complete Overhaul

Kitchen Renovation

If you missed Part I of our Kitchen Renovation Blog series, which detailed ways to improve your Kitchen on a smaller budget, check it out here. If you have decided to completely renovate your kitchen, this is what you should be thinking about before getting started. Kitchen Renovation Layout The size and shape of your […]

Want a Kitchen Renovation on a Smaller Budget?

Kitchen Renovation

What you can do to your kitchen to refresh it, without a massive investment You and your family spend a lot of time in your kitchen, so it’s natural to want to feel comfortable and happy with not only how functional it is, but how up-to-date and stylish it looks. A full kitchen remodelling is […]

3 Money-Saving Bathroom Renovation Tips

Bathroom Renovation by Focus Construction

Are you planning to renovate your bathroom? It’s no secret that the amount of time involved in planning and designing a home renovation can be overwhelming for homeowners. It takes quite a bit of patience, research, and understanding to pick out the right person for each job. When it comes to bathroom renovations, it can […]

Is it time to future proof your garage?

Car in a garage with red garage door visible

Think about a few of these things first While you won’t have to get rid of your combustion vehicle any time soon, the onset of the electric vehicle era is here.  So how does this transition of modern transportation affect the homeowner?  Because it’ll not only be more convenient to charge your electric vehicle at […]