Are Your Home Vents Working?

Recent concerns about emissions from gas stoves puts the focus on venting, and don’t forget about that bathroom fan, it’s important, too! You fire up your gas stove to get dinner started. You love your stove because of the great cook that it gives to your food. But firing up that gas stove means that […]

Reno Refresh Required Before the Holidays?

Reno Refresh

How a bathroom renovation can get you ready for your guests With the holidays coming, you might be decorating and sprucing up your house in anticipation of hosting a party or two. It could also be your turn to welcome the extended family for holiday celebrations.  Whatever the case, you might have noticed that your […]

Selling Your Fixer-Upper? Maximize Your Return

Maximal Eclectic living room interior with comfortable velvet corner sofa with pillows

Have a renovation expert collaborate on your marketing package before you sell There’s nothing wrong with selling your property when it needs some renovations and care. What you don’t want to do is scare away potential buyers. While renovations can be a lot to process in addition to buying a home, there are ways to […]

Looking to Buy a Fixer-Upper? Do This First!

Heating and Air Conditioning Installation

Getting a consultation before purchase protects you and your client. Looking for a house to renovate, fix, and turn into your dream home can be exciting. Who doesn’t want to convert a home that is a little rough around the edges into a beautiful place to live? While this may sound enticing, if you don’t […]

5 Tips to Plan Your Home Renovation the Right Way

Home Renovation Plan

Being Prepared Will Help Your Home Remodel Go Smoothly

Planning your home renovation can be an exciting time. You envision the room/area you’re planning to renovate. You visualise your home after all of the work is done. Both the room and your home look great.  

Can You Build a Garden Suite on Your Property?


A Garden Suite can be an additional revenue stream for property owners. After two years of consultation, investigation, studies, and debate, the City of Toronto updated their rules and regulations in February for building Garden Suites. This is important for the city and its residents because Garden Suites are potentially another way to add a […]

Take Your Time With Your Kitchen Design – Part II

Kitchen Renovation

In Part I of our new kitchen design blog, we reviewed where to put your small appliances, the best countertops, and cupboards.  Part II focuses on creating spaces for things that you might not have thought about, and whether an island is a good idea for your kitchen redesign. Green Space – Do you want […]

Take Your Time With Your Kitchen Design – Part I

Appliance Garage in a modern kitchen with a microwave, a toaster and cutlery.

Whether you’re designing your kitchen for a new custom-built home, or you’re undergoing a kitchen renovation, Focus Construction believes it is important not to rush your decisions. After your renovation is complete, you definitely don’t want to walk into your brand new kitchen every day and think to yourself: “Why didn’t we do it this way? Or, why didn’t we install one of those?”

Upscale Home Renovation Focus: Outdoor Kitchen

OUTDOOR KITCHEN on a summers day

At Focus, we’ve detailed the many ways that you can renovate your kitchen. But, what about building another kitchen…in your back yard?  Why an Outdoor Kitchen? A backyard kitchen takes your hosting, cooking, and entertaining to a whole new level. It’s also growing in popularity, according to the American Institute of Architects. In a recent […]

Upscale Home Renovation Focus: Garage

Upscale garage renovation with Surfboar bicycles in empty garage

How to expand liveable space in your home with an upscale garage renovation. As we mentioned in our blog Taking Your Home to the Next Level, your garage is a great target for renovations to upscale your home.  Now, let’s expand on this particular home renovation: The Garage Turn your garage into a fashionable extension […]